Delicious and Affordable Cakes at MedChef

chocolate cake

I learned of MedChef Cakes and Pastries during our food trip to Mercato Central in July. I couldn’t choose among the flavors they were offering, but I finally settled on a chocolate piece of heaven with icing and caramel on top.

On July 26, I attended MedChef’s first anniversary bloggers’ blowout, and I was so glad to have been invited. It was my first time to meet Chef Hasset Go, and I couldn’t get over how young he is! He and his business partner’s place in Mother Ignacia Avenue in Quezon City was highly successful, and looking over their menu, I could see why.

yummy cakes at medchef

MedChef is offering a variety of cakes of Chef Hasset’s own creation, and some of them are even sugar-free! How cool is that? But the best thing is that all (including their pasta) are very affordable, especially for someone like me who thinks that a meal for P100 or more is already expensive.

It had been raining hard when my friend and I went to the event, but I didn’t regret making the effort. I met other bloggers, sampled more cakes (which I shared with my friend), and finally met the person behind the sweet treats I really liked at Mercato Central.

If you’re ever in Mo. Ignacia Avenue, look them up and have a sample of their offering. They can be found on Facebook.

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