Zamboanga’s Sweet Knickerbocker

The first time I had a taste of the knickerbocker in Zamboanga City, I learned what the hoopla was all about. People had been raving about this sweet dessert, and having a sweet tooth, I absolutely loved it!

Zamboanga dessert

A sweet treat from Zamboanga.

The knickerbocker is made of a mix of fruits (slices of mango, banana, apple, and watermelon), gelatin, shaved ice, and sweet milk, with a scoop of ice cream on top. It doesn’t look much, but it’s actually very sweet, so much so that even if I had easy access to it, I would only eat it once a year.

Available in Paseo del Mar and in the Palmeras Restaurant along Pasonanca Road in Zamboanga, the knickerbocker is claimed to be a healthy dessert. I agree that it can be healthy; that is, if the sugar and the ice cream and the sweet milk were not included! As it is, it’s too sweet to be called nutritious.

Palmeras Restaurant, Zamboanga

The knicker bocker is available in Palmeras Restaurant.

Still, I would recommend the knickerbocker to anyone who loves sweets; you have to taste this at least once in your life. Due to the high demand, it has already been made available in Metro Manila; just look for it in SM Megamall and SM North Edsa food courts. A serving of knickerbocker (at least in Zamboanga) costs P70.

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