Top Foods You Must Eat in India

India is famous not only for the richness of its culture but its food as well. I was lucky enough to be able to backpack solo for 3 weeks in India, and among other things I loved there was its food. Here are some of my favorites in this incredible country.

South Indian thali

The South Indian thali I had in New Delhi (Rs 95).


My first meal in India was the vegetable thali I had in one of the small restaurants in Kolkata. I didn’t know what it was then, but I loved it once I had it.

Thali is a selection of a number of dishes served in small metal bowls (katori), all placed on a round plate. Some of the ones I had included rice and roti, dal, some vegetables, curd, and some sweets for dessert.

top Indian foods

My first meal in India was a vegetable thali (Rs 50).


top Indian foods

Loved this masala dosa I had in Kolkata.

Dosa is another well-known dish from South India. Made from urad daal and rice, there are many different variants including masala (stuffed with potatoes), rava (semolina), and paneer (cheese).

For non-vegetarians, the chicken stuffed masala dosa is a big hit. It is crispy and not very heavy, which is perfect for a dinner dish, at least for me!


Biryani is bismati rice prepared with a variety of spices, and can either be vegetarian or non-veg. I have heard it is very time-consuming to cook, but the taste is definitely worth it. I’ve had egg biryani, mutton biryani from the famed Karim’s Restaurant in New Delhi, and vegetarian biryani.

top Indian foods

The best biryani I had was in Jaipur (Rs 45).

The best I have tasted, however, is the chicken biryani I had in a Muslim restaurant in Jaipur. It was so tasty I couldn’t believe it cost only 45 rupees!

Stuffed Parantha with Curd and Pickle

If you want to start your day Indian style, have stuffed parantha for breakfast. Parantha is a flat bread, and it can be stuffed with a lot of vegetables from potatoes and cauliflower, to green peas and even cheese. It is then cooked with the vegetable filling and served with butter on top.

Gulab Jamun

top Indian foods

My sweet tooth loved this Indian dessert (Rs 16).

I have a sweet tooth, and nothing is sweeter than gulab jamun! It’s a spongy ball soaked in syrup, best eaten when warm. It is so sweet that one is enough. I’ve had it in Kolkata, Jaipur, and Delhi, and I think the best one I had was in Kolkata. It’s not recommended to be eaten everyday though. The sweetness will kill you!

India has so much more to offer for the traveling foodie. I can’t wait to eat more of these dishes while I’m here in this wonderful country!

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