Pancit Habhab of Lucban, Quezon

pancit habhab

Quezon Province is known as the home of some of the most beautiful churches in the Philippines. It also boasts of colorful fiestas to rival even those of Latin countries! It is also known for its native delicacy, from the longganisang Lucban to the pancit habhab. It has even become a foodie capital because of its indigenous foodstuff.

I don’t eat meat anymore so I’m not a fan of longganisang Lucban. It is pork sausage made from ground pork, dried oregano or oregano powder, loads of garlic, paprika, salt and pepper.

However, I love the pancit habhab. I had the chance to eat it when I went to the Pahiyas festival in Lucban. The Pahiyas is held annually every 15th of May, and draws both local and foreign travelers alike.

Much like your usual canton, pancit habhab is similar in the sense that it also uses bits of pork, shrimp and chopped vegetables for flavor. I loved how it is eaten—off a banana leaf AND without the use of utensils! It was literally a ‘hand-to-mouth’ experience, no pun intended!

Women vendors selling big pots of habhab could be seen at every corner and you would find the locals eating a simplified version of it on the sidewalks.

I tried the pancit habhab in the sidewalk and enjoyed the firm rice noodles generously coated with umami sauce. The veggies had the right bit of crunch that assured me they were indeed fresh. For a yummier experience, habhab is best eaten after sprinkling a bit of vinegar on your noodles.

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