Mouthwatering Napoleones Pastry of Bacolod City


Known for being the “City of Smiles,” Bacolod is quickly becoming a choice destination not only for discerning travelers who enjoy the fresh and clean air this city has to offer, but also for foodies who find the city’s culinary choices delectable.

Who hasn’t heard (or tasted!), for example, of the flavorful and unique-tasting chicken inasal (grilled native chicken with original sauce) which originated in Bacolod? Restaurants and food chains all over the country are offering this now, but nowhere is it so good than in Bacolod.

And for vacationers who want to bring home pasalubong (gift) to their loved ones at home, there are a number of choices, from boxes of piaya, guapple pie, mango tarts, and bandi (caramelized nuts), to muscovado and other sugar variants.

However, there is no greater feeling than discovering something new. That adrenaline rush and euphoric high that comes with a fresh and amazing find is exactly how I felt the first time I sank my teeth into a napoleones.

Napoleones is a dessert native to Bacolod City. This popular puff pastry is a favorite of both locals and tourists alike, and however cliché-ish it may sound, it is absolute heaven with every bite!

What sets this confection apart from all other desserts is its unique balance of tastes. Layer upon layer of flaky puff pastry is interspersed with a thick and sinfully-rich custard filling. This is then complimented by a thin coating of sugar glaze which acts as counterpoint to the creamy mixture sandwiched between the pastry sheets.

Several restaurants and bakeshops offer this delectably mouthwatering confectionery. The more popular one is Roli’s Bakeshop, Pendy’s, and Virgie’s, the number one one-stop-shop for Bacolod’s traditional pasalubong fare.

My personal favorite though is the napoleones from Pendy’s, mainly because it is not as sweet as the others, and I enjoy the light crispness of the puff pastry.

For those who plan to visit Bacolod City, getting a box or two of this yummy treat is definitely a must!

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