Yummy Silvanas of Dumaguete City


Tourists, travelers, and visitors would often ask the locals on what’s the most recommended pasalubong (gift) to buy for their loved ones. In Dumaguete City, there is one thing that is sure to be a hit for those waiting back home: silvanas!

Silvanas is a delicacy that a Dumagueteño can be proud of, thanks to Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries (Sans Rival for short) for having it. So far it’s the most popular pasalubong in the city and the best silvanas in the country. It’s the pastry of choice for those who appreciate a good dessert!

Silvanas are best served frozen because they become crunchy. The first time I tasted this, I couldn’t believe how good it was at first bite. The taste got even better as I ate more. There’s that certain texture that teases the palate, a rich, creamy delight that oozes with each mouthful.


The silvanas I had was crunchy on the outside and melting soft in the inside. You can feel and taste the butter-cream filling every time you munch it. The nutty goodness of it makes it even tastier. The sweetness of it is just so perfect that it can make you crave for more. It is a barrage of flavors and textures that entices each taste bud. It’s very affordable and definitely worth the try.

I’d definitely recommend silvanas to anyone. When you happen to be in the city, make sure to never leave without munching on a slice or two. Don’t forget to buy a box for your loved ones and friends, either. I’m pretty sure they will love it.

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